Bamboo flooring




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Bamboo flooring is becoming more and more popular option for contemporary interiors of many houses and flats manly because of its unique design and excellent qualities.

Bamboo is a recoverable natural resource. It can be also used for a flooring production. Lower parts of bamboo stalk are made into thin lamellae. These lamellae are bonded into a compact board. Final flooring is then made of such boards. The best species for that purpose is Mao Zhu.

Bamboo flooring has very good mechanical qualities like harness and flexibility. It can be used for exposed areas like gyms, bowling, etc.

Bamboo plan has been used in China for thousands years and not only as a constructional material for building, but also for furniture and dishes production and even in traditional Chinese medicine and as food.

Mao Zhu Species (Phyllostachys heterocycla var. pubescens) is the fastest growing plant all around the world. Its fast growth changes carbon dioxide to oxygen in photosynthetic process, which keeps balance in our atmosphere.
This Species is able to grow up to 20 meters in 3 months and can be harvested in 4 – 6 years. A gain of a bamboo material can be 30t /ha in one year. It can be twice more then a gain of a regular forest.


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